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Want to swap devices, read the instructions posted, having problems

GKGK Posts: 11FreedomPop Newbie
Hi, one of my freedompop devices died, and I'd like to BYOD a different device. I've already purchased the device, and have tried to begin the process by activating the new device using a different email. This has been unsuccessful.

1.) New device: LG GPad F2 8.0 (Sprint device, clear esn verified with Sprint)
2.) I tried to activate the GPad online with a new email on freedompop.com
3.) The freedompop activation page asks me to call the activation phone number to activate. The error message online is "We're experiencing an issue with your provided device ID. To complete your activation, please call 800-671-5017."
4.) Agent on the phone verifies that the device is eligible to be activated, but is having technical problems and promises to call back within 1-3 business days
5.) No agent has called back in the 3 times I've called to activate over the past 2 weeks

Please help!


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