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I call shenanigans, of the idea that is advertised, of a free plan. It is impossible. That is because your Messenger app is pulling 100s of MB of background data. While the phone sits idle.

Then suddenly were locked into a $15 "Top Up" for our convenience. Which you can not disable without signing up for your $6.99/mo safety feature.

This is not what I agreed to.
I will need any "Top Up" fees returned ASAP.


  • hyegeekhyegeek Posts: 34FreedomPop Newbie, FP Flyer
    Other than the required one time cost of $15 credit, the free plan is actually free. While it costs to turn off auto top off, you can either keep your data useage low enough to never hit it or you can turn off auto top off and then disable the "required" service after that is done.

    I've been using the free plan on my tablet for almost a year and until recently when I decided I wanted more data I was doing the same on my phone.

    For FreedomPop to stay in business, they need to make money. While I do not always like how things are setup or are stated on their website and with their plans. I have yet to see them actually do anything that is not spelled out.
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