Downgraded to Basic Free Plan within Trial Period and no services. Still seeing recurring charges

jiralisjiralis Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I ordered freedompop on 08/24 and received the sim card on 08/30. I installed it on 08/30 on my phone. And today on 09/02 (within 4 days of trial period), I downgraded my plan to basic (free plan) and removed services as well. I paid 20$ as credit balance which I was asked to pay during downgrading the plan. I confirmed that my plan is now set to basic as expected without any services attached.But on the Billing Page I am still seeing these charges. What is this for?

Next Payment Amount US$6.53
Next Payment Due Date 9/12/18
Recurring Bill Amount US$6.53

I am expecting no charges here at all. I checked all the pages and I dont see what this is for. I didn't agree on any additional data or anything. I left Top-Up as is and going to observe my usage and then decide whether to disable or not.

Could you please tell me soon what these charges are?

Currently I want to maintain free plan and see how that works before I can think of modifying my plan per my needs.

Please help and response soon.


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