Outgoing call issues - get busy signals when on data

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OK, I had not been able to make a call when on data with my phone for about two months now. It works when I am on wifi. Incoming calls and texting works as well. But every time when I try to call out without wifi, I got busy signals. I had replied to the email from Freedompop about this problem and submitted support tickets. But all I got back is the normal stuff such as to reset service, update app, etc., which I had already tried multiple times in vain.

Today, my texting stopped working as well. All the text messages I got are strange characters and are not readable, regardless whether I am on data or on wifi. So I basically had a phone that could not call or receiving text. Desperately, I spent hours searching the web for a solution and I came across a posting about premium voice and getting busy signals. Since I have premium voice on my phone, I tested and turned off premium calling in my call setting (using app rather than premium calling even though I am paying for it). And it worked. I can call out now as long as I set it to use app. Although this is not really a solution, I am going to go with it for now. I decided to share my findings here as others who purchased premium voice service might have the same issues.

Now I still need to figure out what to do with my texting. I had uninstall and reinstalled the FP calling and messaging app 5 times. I use iphone. But still only receiving weird characters. If any of you know a solution about the texting issue, please let me know.



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    I have the same problem. Can receive phone calls but always got busy signal when I place outgoing calls. Can you please take a look? My last 4 digits of phone number is 4981. Thanks.
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