Relationship between FreedomPop and Unreal services

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kind of a long (series of) question(s), I hope you'll bear with me.

I have a 3-in-1 sim kit that used to work with my (old, unlocked) ATT HTE Desire 510, at the time, the phone was listed as a compatible GSM device. I used this as a backup phone so I didn't check it every day of every month.

not long ago, it stopped working and I found out that this particular phone was no longer supported as a BYOD phone. I wanted to keep the service, so last month I purchased from FPop an inexpensive Alcatel OneTouch Conquest and swapped numbers between my old SIM card setup (the one I'd been using) and the new phone. Once I figured out what the CS folks needed me to do, all is well: the Alcatel has my old # and calls and texts work as I need it to. I still have the SIM kit and - until recently - thought I didn't have a phone I could use it in. Then I learned about Unreal Mobile service which (as far as I can tell) uses the ATT network.

according to CNET, I understand that "Unreal Mobile is a FreedomPop spinoff that hopes to lure customers away from soon-to-merge Sprint and T-Mobile." and that's fine, I realize that FreedomPop needs to be competitive and adapt, etc etc. so what I'm wondering is this: (are these?)

1> is FreedomPop moving off the Sprint+Tmo network? if so, what happens to my Alcatel-on-GSM service?
2> my SIM card is for CDMA phones; with the launch of the Unreal service, can I use it again in my HTC Desire 510 ATT GSM phone, or is the SIM card effectively now useless?

Thanks for taking time to read this, I'm looking forward to reading the replies.



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    Hello! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us :)

    1. FreedomPop service has no changes occurring. Our CDMA devices will still run off the Sprint network and our GSM SIMs will run as is.

    2. UNREAL is selling their own GSM service which runs off their service. Here's a link to their support page that will provide you with more information regarding their new GSM launch
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    I called Unreal a week or so ago and they could not use my iPhone as it was a GSM, so they sold me the $10 Freedom pop plan which was like their plan. Unlimited calls and texts and 1gb lte data, then 2g.
    Is this the same thing as the new plan they presented just a few days ago?
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    @chanscome "they could not use my iPhone as it was a GSM"
    That is really odd. Unlocked GSM phones are the only way to use the SIMs of either company. It would be a problem if the iPhone was locked to a single carrier. FreedomPop can work with iPhone 5 and up. Not sure if Unreal is able to work with iPhone 5, but likely since FreedomPop does. 6 & up for sure.
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