Prepaid plan + Huawei Y6 - SMS works; Phone does not

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Purchased a 20$ prepaid FreedomPop SIM (3Mo - 1Gb/Mo) and tried to use it on a Huawei Y6. SMS works perfect. Cannot make or receive calls. (When calling from another phone it rings few times and goes to voicemail.)
Tried the Huawei with an ATT sim card (TracFone) and it works perfect.
Tried the FP SIM card on a Moto G4 and works perfect (followed the instructions and worked right away).
I went to Settings \..\Default apps and:
- "Messaging" has 2 apps to select: Android messaging and FP messaging. (FP is selected)
- "Call" has ONLY one: Android Dialer. NO FP app here!
Checked Permissions, gave full access to FP app for everything (including SIP accounts), did a factory reset on the phone. Nothing changed.
Clearly, Android doesn't allow FP app for calls because it's not registered for calls (only for Messaging). Doesn't seem to be a SIM card problem. More like the FP app.
Is it a way to fix this manually?
Phone: Huawei Y6; model ATU-L21; IMEI 867267030311465; Android 8.0)
Thank you!


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    So, it took me some time but now I have a clear understanding of the whole problem. And it's not me.
    So, I checked the FP app (with a purchased, 3Mo SIM card) on 6 (six) phones. Here are the results:
    - It worked fine in 3 LGs and a Moto G4. Surprisingly, it worked right away on an LG Aristo, previously from MetroPCS, that was locked and un-useable.
    - It worked only half on a Huawei Y6 (reported above). Messaging works but not the phone / call part. Reason: FP app installs as a Messaging app and it tries to change the settings for the call without being a Phone app. Result: it works fine on older phones (see first item) but NOT on newer ones. The new versions of Android block it since it's not registered as proper Phone app.
    - I tried it as a 2nd SIM in a Nokia 6 and it messed up everything. The FP app didn't work not at all and the first SIM (T-Mobile) didn't work either. Once I uninstalled FP, the first SIM started to work perfectly. (Note: FP sim was recognized and I had data with better signal than T-Mobile)

    Conclusion: FP app is not properly done. It works fine with older phones / Android versions but it does NOT with newer ones or with dual-SIMs.
    FP had a great idea / solution with making calls over data. But it starts to fall behind in keeping up with the hardware / software. If you delay it, somebody might jump in front of you and put you out of business.
    I will write a more in depth review on Amazon with some recommendations.

    PS - Don't give me (again) that ... of copied instructions on create APN, install FP, restart phone. If you cannot do better than that, maybe you deserve to be left behind. No hard feelings. Just thoughts from professional to professional.
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