Please port out my phone number

Galahad999Galahad999 Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I need to move my phone number from FreedomPop to another carrier, and I haven't heard anything after submitting a ticket more than three days ago. The other carrier says that FreedomPop still hasn't released the number. The phone number ends in 4999.

Please don't tell me to cancel my account first, because this is what the FreedomPop message says when you go to do that: "Cancelling your account will immediately deactivate your data connection and you will immediately lose your phone number. You will not be able to port out your telephone number once you cancel your account."

I have not cancelled my account, though I did change it to the "free" plan to avoid being charged more for an account I am no longer using.

Please help! It feels like there is no support here, for operations that seem like they should be automated.


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