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Inquiry -- Region-Specific Signal Strength

StevenDorseyStevenDorsey Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I've purchased a CAT S41 cellphone, and have a FP LTE SIM Card. I live in Tennessee. The website that specifies coverage for FP towers in the US says that my State has 4G LTE coverage, and potentially 3G too, i don't know. However, my signal strength is very weak. It sometimes has half-signal strength at its strongest, and when I was at a restaurant in town, intermittently alternated between H+ signal strength and none whatsoever.

My CAT S41 has 17 LTE Network Compatibilities, as seen on the FrequencyCheck website:


Therefore, its not the cellphone. Is this anomalous behavior, or is coverage just not well-developed in my area yet?


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