unauthorized charge

missamymissamy Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
on 7/17/2017 I ordered a sim card from this company for $0.99. I don't think I even activated, registered or even got a phone number. I ended up staying with AT&T. On 9/22/2018, I get an email from my paypal stating that a withdrawal has been made from this company in the amount of $95.53! How is this even right to take money out of my account OVER A YEAR LATER??? I need some answers as to WHY I was charged. You can't call anyone. You can't email without an account. I sent a message to [email protected] and all i got was an automated message telling me to go online and talk to customer service. Can't do that cause I don't have an account and from what I read you have to PAY to speak with someone. I have made a dispute with paypal, my bank and also sent a letter to my state attorney general. I have also messaged freedompop on facebook with no response. I would like some answers and a REFUND!!!!
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