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no offense to those in special ed, seriously. anyway, i am pretty clueless on how to do google voice, but, i'm not even there yet. i am wondering, if i use my freedompop #, have it as my main #. i think i can do that. anyway, what say i get a better phone down the road, can i put it on google voice, i would be closing out the 1st #, but would i still be able to get everything(calls, text & voicemail)on my new phone with people using my old #? i know i can't actually port my # to fp but would the above possibly work? i'm hoping by the time i get around to getting a new phone porting & dare i say it bluetooth might be available on fp...anyway, anyone know anything? thanks!

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  • @weanut‌ I'm afraid you have been misinformed. You are able to port your old phone number over to FreedomPop if you wish. In order to bring your old number over to FreedomPop, start by logging into your FreedomPop account. From there go to My Account > Phone Number > And select Transfer Existing phone Number. Please let me know if you still have anymore questions, thanks!
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    Yeah...I'm a little confused. What do you mean when you say when you "get a better phone" you want to use google voice? I have the Samsung S2 and the way I use google voice is that I also have the GrooveIP App which integrates many of the features for google voice.

    You should also be able to at least forward calls to your FreedomPop number via google voice, but remember the outgoing calls will not display your google voice number via the FreedomPop app.

    The GrooveIP App has the ability to do that though. I'm not sure if there are others that can since this is what I've been using for a long while.
    I'm not an employee...only a volunteer. If you need official assistance:

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    i probably didn't make myself clear, this would be closing a freedompop phone to get a new freedompop phone, sorry.
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    once again, sorry for the confoosion. ok. i have a freedompop account. i am thinking that when & if i get a new phone on fp(i'd do byod), i would like to keep the phone # i now have on fp. it is my understanding that when you get a new phone you have to use a different email address, & get a whole new account & phone # for your new phone, even though you'd be closing your old account. am i wrong? can you get a new phone & keep your #? anyone less confoosed? thanks so much! oh, i think i don't exactly understand what 'porting' is, i should look it up. sorry!
  • @weanuts Just so I'm clear on this, you wish to cancel service on an existing FreedomPop phone and deactivate the device. Then, you want to get a new FP phone, and port over your phone number from the cancelled account. Is this correct?
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    yes, that would be it!
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    thank you to all, i appreciate all your efforts. @S MP now i have my answer, thanks so much! i knew you had to open a new account & all that, didn't think of doing that with an alias email. not planning on doing this real soon, but at some point i would like to upgrade, didn't want to have to go through another new phone #!! the google voice thing is a bit confusing to me, but, i should probably do it if i feel i need voice mail, which i am actually ok without, people can just text me. ok, off the short bus...for now yay! actually going to copy & save that answer.
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