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Fake data usage, please refund the $15

Kevin2018flKevin2018fl Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
Hi, my data usage log indicated the usage of 2MB every minute(s) from 7:28 AM to 9:05 AM today (October 2, 2018). This was a total of 1.44 GB data use during this time period. Actually, the phone was connected to Wifi at home. The app updates were off, the apps only get updated manually (over wifi) so this was not due to app updates for sure. Also the data tracker on the phone shows that it was the FreedomPop Messsging that used 1.44 GB. As a results I was billed for overage. I did not initiate any usage of FreedomPop service during that time period. Please correct the data usage as soon as possible and refund the $15 which was billed to my account ([email protected], 727-605-7928). Thank you.


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