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Hi, I posted before on this issue and have made some headway. Problem is phone leaks data onto the mobile network while sleeping. I accidentally left my Nexus 6P home turned on, next to my Wifi router. 6mb were used up with the phone not being used over the course of the day. I locked it down as much as I can as far as not allow apps to use mobile data. I tried to hobble Google as much as I could but restrain it too much and ones phone won't take calls while you're on the network.

Ideally, your phone should switch to wifi when wifi is available and only do the Google "spying" while on the unmetered network. (Ideally one would want find my device accessible on the network mind you.) When on the network the phone should work for voice and not use "metered" data.

Well, I suspect when the phone goes to sleep, the Wifi link eventually goes to sleep and some background "Google ware" switches to mobile data unbeknowst to the user. Sure, one can shut off the data but then the phone won't work unless on WiFi.

This has just become an issue with 8.1 and I never had this happen before. My phone would work as a phone and not waste data while it was asleep. Not a FreedomPop issue but a Google issue.

On a rooted phone there is an adb command to leave wifi on. I'm going to try it and report back. Now the issue there is the wifi will suck the battery when it's sleeping so it 's a trade off. Still, I hate apps using mobile in the background without my permission. Man I've locked down everything, no updates, no notification of updates, no syncing
no nuth'in. Again, not an FP issue and they have no control over this. I imagine they might see the complaints though. Kurt


  • Allen Kurt Allen Kurt Posts: 74FreedomPop Newbie
    All right. Was able to do the "adb shell settings put global wifi_sleep_policy 2" command in successfully to leave wifi on while the phone sleeps. I have the data saver on also. I do not have a browser on this phone (yet). If this remedies it fine. But there still is the danger if the phone is out of wifi range it might "still" try using mobile data to send out "background" static to the Google mothership. I never had this issue with FP on prior older versions of Android. Again, I believe this is an Android issue and not an FP issue. Another potential problem I see is when "Allow modify system settings" is selected on an app, one can configure to lock it down but I suspect when the phone is rebooted, the Google mothership can
    reconfigure without one's knowledge. If one doesn't allow system modification, the phone or some portion of it might not work depending on the application.

    I simply do not want data leaking out on the mobile network that I'm paying for and is just the usual Google eavesdropping baloney and is not due to my direct use. That is freaking ridiculous.

    For the vast majority of time, my FP phone has functioned exactly as I liked it. I could seamlessly go from WiFi to mobile without a care in the world. I was careful not to use the mobile data except for essential stuff I wanted to do and fastidiously shut the mobile data use on the apps off when I just wanted to be able to make and take calls. Certainly economical and I was able to accrue some roll over data which is nice to have if I am going to run a GPS radio tracking app that can consume a fair amount of data out in the field.

    I didn't change any of my habits, didn't download any rogue apps except I upgraded some of my current apps and upgraded the Android kernel/ROM. This behavior started in September and blew me away when I got a warning I used 2Gb of data! (That was my safety warning I programmed in and never expected to hear.)

    Stay tuned as I will respond what I find out from trouble shooting this in trying to make sure a user gets to use as much of the "paid for" data as they contracted for as opposed to it leaking out to satisfy

    As an aside, I had a cheap Blu phone with a ton of apps on it I converted to the Free service and never got close to using up the 200mb. I used it for calls mostly and modest messaging until I misplaced it in my house. Google said it was in my home (so I didn't worry) but I had turned it off. Eventually found it and retired it. Got a full service sim for my used 6p and it started out well and then went downhill after a few months. I had accrued a total of 4.4Gb of total data and it started flying out the window without me doing much with the phone spending most of it's time next to a WiFi device. I think it's Google's/Android fault.
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    I'm getting somewhere. Stupidhead had to go into the "Phone" app and allow it to "accept" calls.
    Sheesh. Now I can send and receive. I have all three of the Google apps confined to Wifi only. The Google app has no permissions for now though I'm going to turn on location eventually to find a misplaced phone.

    When I say send and receive, I mean I can do it on or off WiFi and get recognized by the network and make and receive calls off Wifi and Network only. Chewed up 4mb messing around.

    Now since I have the "keep Wifi on while the phone sleeps switched on" I'm going to sit the phone next to the wireless and let is sit overnite. The data saver is going to be off. I want to see if any data gets out over mobile with no use whatsoever. I'll also see if the battery drainage is any worse. Stay tuned. Kurt
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    Boy this is getting exasperating. I have my phone as locked down as I can and I still see data going out.
    I was off wifi picking up lunch and 2mb went in/out. I didn't touch the phone. It's all going through FP messaging. I have very few apps on this phone to trouble shoot this. No browser that I know of. On mobile data Adobe, Contacts, Gallery, Camera, Calendar, Clock, Calculator, Keyboard (AOSP) and Media are all restricted. Every app I have is confined to WiFi. Messaging is the only app that says it's used mobile Network data from September 30th. Android OS says 12.24mb used of which 10.94 mb was in the background. Removed apps and users 396kb, Google Play Services 2.38kb but I have this set to wifi only. Media is restricted. I even removed TalkaTone just in case there is something going on there.
    My contention is something in the Android operating system is chewing through the data and turfing it out to the Google mothership "no matter what". Doesn't matter if Wifi is off or mobile use is restricted it just uses the mobile network to it's liking. I do have a full FP account with 2Gb of data but even if 2mb per day were going out that's 120mb and the "free" service just wouldn't be that viable anymore.
    I did have the "free" service on a Blu phone Android 6.0 and I never ever saw a data leak.
    I never had a data leak before September.
    Glad I didn't give up my GoPhone sim on my other phone. No data. Just 10 cents a minute phone and 20cents a message. It's an old account I maintain. Since there is no data I don't have to worry about a leak over the mobile network as it's impossible to happen with this service. If it does though, I'm not being charged. Open Wifi available and I can use it for network access.
    Any suggestions? I doubt FP is behind this as I didn't observe this until the latest 8.1 Android version came out. It would destroy their business model somewhat.
    Ideally, little or no data should be going in or out of the phone when on mobile unless someone is using the phone for texting photos or using a browser while on mobile. Kurt
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