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Unknown charge on account with original credit card removed

Tim WilsonTim Wilson Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
My credit card that I removed from the freedom pop billing page was charged 4.99 for Global Calling? I don't even have a phone number nor have I used the freedom pop service in almost a year. How was my card charged and how was this charge accepted on my account?

Transaction date: 09/25/2018 FREEDOMPOP CA 888-743-8107 065 $4.99

The charge happened after I received a random email from freedom pop about a FREE new simcard. I never clicked on any links nor agreed to this.

Here was the email:
"We wanted to inform you about some changes to your account. After continued performance issues with our carrier partner, the FreedomPop Global SIM will be replaced by the Newer, Faster, Nationwide LTE SIM."


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