How does one request WiMAX infrastructure service?

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I've had a Hub Burst device for about 8 months now and have been very happy with the quality of the WiMax comms link up until just the other day. You see, I live in Orlando, Florida where there have been lots of thunderstorms lately. The other night a lighting bolt hit very near my home. None of my electronic equipment was damaged thankfully. However, soon after, the Hub Burst started having internet connectivity problems due to very low: RSSI -88. The first thing I assumed was that the sensitive WiMax RF port had been damaged by the lighting discharge, so to test, I took the unit to another physical location about 4 miles away where I had good signal strength before, and the unit was receiving a strong signal as before so I confirmed that it was not an issue with my hub. There is a Clearwire base station about 300 yards (1000 ft.) away from the back of my home. Who/How do I call to request a check of the RF link quality at my premises or of the local base station?


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    You would probably have to contact Clear directly. Clear's phone number is 888-888-3113. Hope this helps!
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    Yup… called Clear… They confirmed that the base station nearest my home is down for “maintenance.” They could not confirm when it would come back online, so with very poor service for 1+ mos. I’m being forced to downgrade to free plan until they fix and at the same time going back to the cable monopoly.
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    You be happy with cable any way because most services have up to 30mph well the best cell service can do to only 20 mph on 4G at less busy hours at night. And that only at full bars. Some cable company can get you up to 100 mph.
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