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    I see you have an iPhone 5 16GB in Black. Unfortunately, this device is not eligible to be activated here because the phone belongs to Verizon Wireless. To fix this issue, please do the following:

    Because the phone belongs to Verizon Wireless, we are not able to activate it. Please try a different phone that is supported and that belongs to Sprint PCS.
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    Imei 014327004481181
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    @michelledybas esn check thinks this might be a -->Asus Zenfone 2E (AT&T)
    This phone would definitely work with FreedomPop LTE SIM if unlocked.
    I'm also told that it may work locked to AT&T. Though I have not conversed with anyone who has done this with a locked phone.
    You would purchase an LTE SIM from FreedomPop. They activate it just as it gets sent off you your home. Just a few setup things & new APN created and it should fire up and work.

    Did you want a link to purchase either a:
    1. monthly SIM
    2. semi-annual SIM
    3. Both can be downgraded to FREE, the 2nd is less complicated to downgrade before you re billed for the trial plan & services. The 1st is easier to up & downgrade whenever you desire.

    Also do you need the step-by-step instructions to setup a GSM phone for use with FreedomPop SIM ?
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