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Tried to cancel FreedomPop Phone Premier Semi-Annual

Brenda RoarkBrenda Roark Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
i tried to cancel my FreedomPop Phone Premier Semi-Annual yesterday before my new billing cycle as since it's gone up to $41.94 it's not worth that to me as all I used was voice mail as I use very little data a month because when I'm home I have my phone on wi-fi and don't really use internet at all on it. When I tried to cancel yesterday every time I tried it show the cancel failed. Tried it on both my computer and my phone with same results. Now today the charge for it is showing up on my credit card along with the charge for my Premium LTE 1GB Unlimited Semi-Annual. I sent a message though the customer support e-mail yesterday about this but have gotten no reply, so I'm not sure what to do today. Should I try again to cancel my FreedomPop Phone Premier Semi-Annual service and hope they refund my card for it or do I wait for a reply to my e-mail. So far I haven't received any voicemails and used almost no data on my plan today. Only had a few short calls and 4 messages today so guess looking at those messages is where the data usage came from. Anyone have any experience with trying to cancel online and failing to go though and being able to get credit back for the charge after it was made. Don't know how long it will take to get answer to my e-mail to customer support so any help is appreciated. BR


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