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Support issues

mower911mower911 Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
Why can nobody make a support ticket (nothing loads...spins and goes back to username/password field....numerous people have complained yet nothing gets fixed??) or call and get ahold of anyone. I've tried to cancel...downgrade and dispute charges yet i still keep getting charged. I have now filed two dispute cases with paypal and next steps is the State AG. This is dumb to have to complain here. only reason i really started to notice is suddenly my charges went up another 10 dollars a month with no change or usage on my end. This is for a hot spot that has been maybe used twice in 8 months!!!


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  • SedaraySedaray Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
    1) I've bookmarked the support tickets page because there is no direct link, even in the reply emails.
    2) In the past I asked several questions in a ticket but only got answer to one (your choice, of course). So this time I made two tickets for unrelated questions and you answered the easy one ("no, we will not notify you when we charge your card") and marked the other as solved!!!!
    3) I have to carry a Boost Mobile phone because your phone quite often does not connect, because of that I've downgraded but the "solved" question is my request to reverse the premium voice charge. Of course. This seems to be on purpose.
    - Lets see if you can answer more than one question publicly.
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