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Incorrect Data Measurement and Incorrect Data Credited for Phone Calls - 50% more data recorded

ravi001089ravi001089 Posts: 14FreedomPop Newbie
I purchase a new line of service to evaluate and decide on moving from AT&T and below is my observation.

1. Data measured by FreedomPop is always 50% higher than the actual usage : I tested it several ways. if I just use a byte/kilobyte it is still recorded as 2 MB. Looks like 2 MB is the minimum recorded no matter how little you use, it could just be a push notification. So, several such small usages are being recorded as 2 MBs is causing lot difference between actual usage and Data recorded by FreedomPop.

3. Data Credited for phone calls is Half the data actually used for calls : I just completed a 50 minutes of call during which i used my phone for nothing but just for the call. I had data turned off for all other apps except FreedomPop. The FreedomPop online recorded the data usage as 58 MB during this call (Sum of several 2 MB recordings) but only 28.18 MB is credited back for the call.

If I have to move from AT&T and if I have a 2 GB/month service with AT&T, I will have to get a 4 GB/month service from FreedomPop to keep the same level of data consumption.

(This is related to the LTE sim under the email address I use for this forum)
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