Pause service for short period while in Europe

remysmy1remysmy1 Posts: 2Unconfirmed, FreedomPop Newbie
Hi - I am considering Freedom Pop (free service) for a second phone but I am planning to use that phone on an upcoming trip to Europe with a Europe SIM card. If I activate FP on that phone now, will I be able to pause the service while I'm away and then start up again when I get back? If so, what is the process and how far in advance to I need to do it to make sure that I can use my phone as soon as I get to Europe?

I guess if it's free there will be no charge for the phone service either way, so maybe the better question is whether I'll be able to keep the new phone number I get when I activate? (I think that I read somewhere that there is a $20 fee for a new phone # so I don't want to have to pay that fee twice). Thanks for your help!


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