My phone stopped working after reaching my 3G cap... What gives?

Ariel ReyesAriel Reyes Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
I paid for the year, for unlimited calls and text. After I reached my limit for data my calls and text are no longer working. Is this supposed to work that way? Unlimited text and calls is actually limited to my data?


  • Hi @Arielreyes001‌ ! Thanks for taking part in our forum! Text and calls are not limited to the data plan but the data plan you are on is limited. Every month you receive 500MB of data for use and if you go over this monthly allotment of data, in order to keep your service going you will need to add an available balance to your account. When you reach your data limit your device is suspended, this is done out of protection so that you don't incur overage fees. Currently, even though we have unlimited plans for voice and text, we do not have an unlimited plan for data. We hope that we have cleared this up for you and we apologize if this was not properly explained to you earlier.

    It has been our honor to serve you and we hope that you have a great day! Please continue to use our forum to the full and visit our social media sites as well as blog to stay up-to-date with everything FreedomPop!
  • Ariel ReyesAriel Reyes Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie
    I understand the part about not being able to use the internet anymore, after reaching the data cap. But not being able to use the "unlimited" texts and calls is what's misleading. It is limited: to your data cap. you should suspend the use of 3g in everything other than the call and text, OR call it something else. Call it like it is: all the text AND calls AND data you can fit into a 500 mb plan. All three share the same limit. Can't have one without the other. You can't say two are unlimited and the other is not since they are bound by the same limit: 500 mb. Once you reach 500, everything is dead, right? so why pretend the limit it's only the internet? i don't get that. once you add balance, ie, more MB, then everything resumes.
    Perhaps the technology is not there yet where you can just limit the use of 3g to just the internet. That's fine, I can accept that. What's not right is to advertise it like it's something other than what it is. I get all my services until I reach the 500mb. Calls or text are not separate from the 500mb so don't say it is. I realize I'm saying the same thing many different ways but my experience has been that people may not understand one way but may understand another. Your reply will determine if you understood me or not.
    Conclusion: if this service is still beta, then when you go live don't advertise it like this, and avoid a bunch of jerks like myself who understand basic math.
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