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Xee YangXee Yang Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hello, I have a BYOD unlimited voice and text $9.99 plan on my Galaxy S3. So far services was great until I started added more features onto my current plan. Now i am having a hard time installing or finding some features in the Bundle plan. Ex: Vision Voicemail, tethering, internet security, private internet, and premer support. I cant open the file to the internet security after I downloaded it from the website. I cant use it as hotspot or tether.

I'm billed for 3 services; $9.99 Premier Bundle, 3.99 Data Rollover, & $7.79 Private Internet. I cancelled the Data Rollover and Private Internet so can I get a refund for it when it should be included with Bundle Plan? I might just cancel the Bundle plan since I cant use most of it-will I get a refund? I am getting very frustrated trying so if anyone can help me I would appreciate it. Otherwise I'm going to contact customer service on Monday. Thanks.


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    Did you get the help you deeded, Monday ?
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    Vision Voicemail you find in your google play app, Premier and privite internet is in you site and log-in. Go to "My Account" then to "Service" and click on "view detail". You much put your activition code for your security service in order to use it. You find it on your Premier link when you view details. All the information is there.
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    I have the same problem the services that are supposed to be bundled into the premier service bundle don't work. I have been waiting a month and a half for freedompop to fix private internet and compression and tethering but so far no action. I'm about to give up on freedom pop. Such a waste of time.
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