battery not lasting as long as it should

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My battery on my Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE doesn't seem like it lasts as long as it should. It says up to 200 hours standby, but if I go to bed the battery with the battery nearly full it's dead in the morning. Thats not quite the 200 hours of standby life.

I am really pleased with freedompop service and the call and text quality but charging the battery constantly isnt my favorite thing to do. Does anyone have any tips to keep battery life longer? or do you think I have a bad battery.


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    That's with NO apps running but, FP messaging apps needs to be running. With all working well with new freshly charged battery expected victory to last 8-12 hours at best. Used tired battery, maybe 5-9 hours if you do nothing.
    My cell lives on its charger until I leave home 2-3 times a week. Battery seems still new after a year of that.
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  • Good Morning @Torrin‌ thanks for the post. Your battery has a maximum talk time of up to 9 hours continuous use.

    How fast your battery runs down depends on what you do on your Samsung Galaxy Victory 4G LTE. Features like Bluetooth, games and web browsing put more strain on the battery than simple features like voice calls and text messages.

    You can lower screen timeout and brightness, turn off idle radios and apps, use Wi-Fi whenever available, and limit your email updates and application notifications.
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