**Reminder** When you sign up for FreedomPop service we often offer a free trial experience for one of our plans or add-on services. Upon the end of your Trial, you will incur the regular charge for that plan or service. Please take a look at our Community post for more information regarding your recent purchase and what to expect: http://bit.ly/2xFTGWY

What to expect now that FreedomPop has parterned with Red Pocket.

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We've worked over the last 8 years to bring competitive pricing to the talk, text, and data plan market partnering with Red Pocket accelerates that mission further. Red Pocket not only has deals with all four carriers and the #1 ranked customer service, but they will also be investing heavily to grow and improve the FreedomPop service and availability.

Your current GSM Plans will not change and your existing services will not be impacted in any way.

In the upcoming weeks and months, you will benefit from better customer service and better products including SIMs with native voice and SMS so you do not have to use the FreedomPop app if you don't want to. As a valued FreedomPop customer, new upgrades will be offered exclusively to you first.
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