Freedompop Messaging App used all my data up overnight and now I'm unable to get any service!

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Freedompop Messaging App used all my data up overnight and now I'm unable to get any service!
As I said, I went to bed and woke up to discover that all of my Data had been used up and I now no longer can message or make calls when not connected to WiFi. This also at a rather inconvenient time for me, but whatever. What can I do to fix this?
I have a OnePlus 6 with a freedompop SIM card in it.


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    @Tanner J Robinson - sometimes the Android system does updates. They can be upto 500MB downloads. Need to limit up dates to WiFi ONLY.
    Sometimes the phone, to save energy in deep sleep mode, will cut the WiFi off and use cellular data. Check these settings:
    Menu > Settings > Wi-Fi > Press the menu key > Advanced > Click the box under Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep and select "Always"

    Also you may be automatically updating apps when away from wifi. Open up PLAY and go to settings and select the auto update apps menu choice and set it to
    "Auto Update Apps Over WiFi Only"

    If you cannot wait for the month to cycle, there is always the top-up to add more data. But only do that AFTER the settings above have been changed. You can review your credits online at logging in either with email address as ID or phone number and your password. Select TAB billing. You'll see the Top-Up credit balance in first box. Click the top-up settings to manually add more $$$. $10 & $20 choices.

    In History tab Top-Up credits shows when they got used. Scroll to bottom and see link to re-activate the balance if there was NO activity for 30 days. This should maximize what you can continue to use.
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    It did it again.
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    It did it again.

    Hello Tanner!

    FreedomPop is a VoIP service. VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Essentially, it means data, or the internet, is used for calling and texting instead of the cellular network.
    Therefore, instead of requiring hardwired phone lines, audio (meaning your voice when you are speaking to someone on your phone) is digitally converted into data and sent over the internet to your person receiving your call.
    The FreedomPop application is required for your service to work. The FreedomPop app is the connection between our service and your device, it makes service work, calls and texts are through the app.
    Data usage from phone calls and texts will be credited back to your account. Therefore, voice calls / texts do not actually deduct your data allowance. For this reason, data usage you see reflected on your cellular device is not accurate.
    We understand this migh cause confusion, we would recommend you to verify data usage from your account through our website my.

    We've verified data usage reports on your account associated to phone number ending in 1705 and information is accurate, we didn't find any technical issue that might be causing data usage reports to be inaccurate.
    Data deductions will show in your log as 2 MB chunks instead of the full data use during a session.
    For example, if you used 30 MB you will see fifteen 2 MB deductions instead of only one 30 MB log.
    Data usage can't be altered as the usage being reported comes from your device connecting to the nearest tower.

    It would be necessary that you make sure cellular data is off when you're connected to your home's WiFi. Apps running in the background or automatic app update feature may also cause for data to be used without your knowledge.

    Checkout these links for more information on how to reduce data consumption: usage

    According to our records, another agent has already assisted you with this issue via email (incident 190911-000086), please continue to relay any updates to him as he is overseeing your current concerns, we hope you have an excellent weekend!
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