FP Messaging consuming ALL my data

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I am a new BYOD user, and the FP Messaging app (Android) constantly is draining all the data on 2MB chunks close to 40 MB/hour.

I have two numbers, Android and iOS, and the behavior is the same for both, but more noticeable on the Android as the iOS seldom is out of wifi.

In order to test this, I set *ALL* my apps but FP Messaging to WiFi only and let the phone sitting on a table without WiFi connection for two hours; both the FP portal and the phone data usage app shows the use of data, and the phone app shows only the FP app consuming data.

I read that FP Messaging does not count towards my limit and that the data would be credited to my account which has not been my case, I already paid top-up once which I find unfair because I am being charged for a data consumption so the service to work, not for something I am using. When setting FP Messaging to WiFi only, I cannot receive calls out of WiFi.

Please advise.



  • sethamsetham Posts: 30FreedomPop Newbie

    Attached is an image of just 4 minutes of data usage without touching my phone and all apps but FP Messaging set to wifi-only, I think something is wrong with my account set up.

  • CarlosGCarlosG Posts: 2,272 admin
    setham said:


    Attached is an image of just 4 minutes of data usage without touching my phone and all apps but FP Messaging set to wifi-only, I think something is wrong with my account set up.



    We apologize for the delayed response. Our team will gladly help you with this issue. To fight back a recent issue related to overages with AT&T sim cards, date deductions will show in your log as 2 MB chunks instead of the full data use during a session. For example, if you used 30 MB you will see fifteen 2 MB deductions instead of only one 30 MB log. This should not affect your data usage in any way as it is only the way it is recorded that has changed.

    We've carefully checked your account and so far, we've been unable to find any technical problems that might be causing incorrect data usage reports. It's necessary that you keep in mind that we base our data usage reports on what is tracked by our system, not what is tracked by the device itself, as it may vary from device to device. Please note data usage can't be altered as the usage being reported comes from your device connecting to the nearest tower.

    In this case, the app on your phone will reflect the overall usage of the service, including data used for calling and texting which will not count against your usage. In this case, we'd strongly recommend you to check the usage reflected on your account as it is the one considered accurate.

    Please be sure to disable cellular data when connected to WiFi as well as even if your phone is connected to WiFi, it is possible for it to use data from your base plan, if cellular data is on, so the connection becomes stronger. If your WiFi signal is too week or drops, your device will switch automatically over to the network. Apps running in the background or automatic app update feature may also be caused for data to be used without your knowledge.
  • sethamsetham Posts: 30FreedomPop Newbie
    Hello, this issue continues, I install a data manager and the data usage comes from FP Messaging.

    Please advise
  • Rich Sias (16th)Rich Sias (16th) Posts: 3,333FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭✭✭
    @setham - Try to start your phone and not have ANY apps running. Force ones autostarted and make sure all quiet. THAT should come back with NO activity.
    Then start up Messaging and let it idle for an hour or such.
    Compare. There should be less than 1 MB for the hour.
    NO activity no usage should be near zero.

    If ALL apps shut down even autostart ups etc and still is usage, then it is Android eating data. Open Google Play settings and look for setting Android / app updates ONLY via WiFi. Likely set to both WiFi and Mobile Data. You do NOT want that.
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    This issue is happening to me again on both of my annual plan lines. CarlosG corrected it previously by resetting my account. The issue is definitely a bug in the Freedompop app itself, as when I uninstall Freedompop Messenger the problem goes away. This is DEFINITELY NOT a different way that data use is being measured - I used way less than the amount of data being incrementally deducted from my account. Carlos, could you please reset my account again? Once you do so please let me know and I'll reinstall the app in hopes that this resolves. Thanks.
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