How to extend 12 month 1GB plan

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FreedomPop support, I cannot log into the support site to create a case so I am posting my question here. I have a 12 month 1 GB plan that will expire next week. How can I extend my plan with another 12 month 1 GB kit I already purchased from Target?


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    @jxc008 - it should be scheduled to auto renew. Check your online account to see. TAB Billing to see the Next Billing date and Next Billing amounts. That section might be blank if no credit card was ever registered for this pre paid card.

    Maybe an admin can weigh in here and comment whether they can substitute the Target SIM for the old SIM that is expiring. I am assuming you want to keep the same phone number.

    If you don't care about keeping the same number, just let it run out and start the Target one an hour before you would like to use it.
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    I would like to keep my number. The Submit a ticket like is working now. I just created a support case. Thanks, Rich Sias (16th).
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