Transfer or refund $5 top up credit?

Jeffrey BurgerJeffrey Burger Posts: 319FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
Hi, my Sprint phone has a $5 top up credit balance. I understand this phone will soon be going to Ting. I am unlikely to be interested in any offers to keep that phone with Ting. The name and email for this phone is the same as that for profile here.

Is there any chance of getting the $5 credit balance refunded or moved to another account that I have?

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  • Jeffrey BurgerJeffrey Burger Posts: 319FreedomPop Newbie ✭✭✭
    Thanks for confirming that they've been willing to transfer it. I don't twitter, but I'd hope that the channel over which the request comes does not matter. If an admin does not follow-up with me based on this post, I'll PM one of them soon.

    My CDMA plan account page now says: "...This account no longer works with FreedomPop. Ting has an exclusive deal to save your number..." The account on FreedomPop still shows the $5 balance and Ting faq indicates that this balance is FreedomPop's responsibility.
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