Just got my sim and activated but my trial already started 4 days ago, why?!?

TanyaCTanyaC Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie
Also, I have 14 days of Phone Premier and it won't let me submit help tickets. says i have to buy it still. Why is that?


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    @TanyaC - You pay for Phone Premier and yet when submitting help tickets it wants one to buy the thing that is already subscribed ! That is most distressing when that happens. It makes one consider heavily to drop that item and just stick with Forums, twitter etc. Which is the opposite of what a company like FreedomPop should be wanting.

    Now to the title you gave this....
    The SIMS ( & phones ) are all activated the day the package is picked up by PostOffice, FedEx, etc. Delivery is 2-5 days for most of us in 48 states. Yea, we are all stuck with that thing of theirs. That is what they have always done it since they started. Most folks get 10+ days to test, try, experiment, etc. with it until they decide to keep or quit. My suggestion is to plan on canceling or changing the Plan / Services with about 2-3 days before the end of the trial. This gives you a spare pad of time in case anything should go wrong with the upgrade / downgrade / cancellation and that can be comforting if you needed it.
    I can evaluate a phone's ability in 2-3 days, visiting all my expected haunts for the next few year(s). Then determine if any location's service is a deal breaker for my needs at that location. I might accept going to top floor of the office location to the east window and make an OK connection and calls. To the other extreme of perfect call connection EVERY time and location always.
    Then I have 4 spare days for whatever.
    Be my Valentine ZTE, Victory, LG Volt, 803S, & 4 SIMs
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