[TIMED OUT, not done] Getting service back to FreedomPop / Red Pocket Mobile from Ting

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I just noticed that the CDMA variant of FreedomPop is getting moved over to Ting. However, I would like to stay with FreedomPop by switching to GSM / AT&T network. I just ordered a SIM card, and am trying to port one of my old numbers over (the one ending in 8080), using the information provided by Ting. The transfer number page says the number is in use and asks me to start over. (The exact message is: Transfer Status The selected phone number is already in use. There was a problem with your number transfer, please update your transfer information and re-submit your transfer.; as seen in https://forums.freedompop.com/us/discussion/41375/porting-ting-number-to-freedompop-lte and https://forums.freedompop.com/us/discussion/41312/transfer-number-back-to-freedompop )

I tried submitting a ticket with some account-related details, but was refused with this message:
Attention: Your ticket could not be created because this account is not subscribed to the FreedomPop Premium VIP Service. Please visit our free support tools below or upgrade to the FreedomPop Premium VIP Service.

I even subscribed to support via the "FreedomPop Premium VIP Service", which claims to have these features:
- Direct email access to FreedomPop experts
- Front-of-the-line email priority with any internet or device problem
Is the service just confusingly worded so that I needed another service (i.e. the ticket submission is not e-mail)? Or the service doesn't activate immediately? (Nevermind, see my comment below.)

Can I just directly transfer the number (since the number was originally from FreedomPop)? I realize that it might be a bit late since the number is probably now under Ting. I'd also like to avoid the transfer fee considering I just paid to get expert support and that the number was originally FreedomPop, so the cross-carrier transfer could have been avoided.
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    Didn't realize that it would send me an e-mail regardless saying to e-mail back to another address to have the services checked so the ticket can go through.

    This discussion showed up kind of late. Already gotten a bit into the support ticket, saying that it might be because my SIM card has not yet been activated (no ICCID assigned), and that before proceeding, I need to verify with Ting that the "phone number is working". Not sure exactly what that means yet. Called myself at the old number that I want back, first using another FreedomPop phone, which resulted in a "I hear it ring, and I can talk to myself", then using a landline and got voicemail, which I didn't sign up for at FreedomPop. Is that considered "working"? Calling from a FreedomPop phone sure seemed "working". I rather not have to pay Ting just to get this number transferred back, but I also realize that sentimental attachment does cost money. I don't know if they are going to play games and wind up charging me a finger or two (seriously not hoping an arm and a leg) that I would have to spend time trying to reverse.

    == Rant begins below; feel free to ignore as it does not add important detail for the issue at hand. ==

    So far my charges include:
    - Support service ("FreedomPop Premium VIP service") fee
    Possible unexpected charge:
    - Extra activated paid service [when I activated the support service] that I immediately canceled; wasn't even warned that it would be included; only found out after I went back to check my services to verify that the ticket should be able to go through.
    Upcoming charges include:
    - Disable auto top-up fee for the new SIM card
    - Number transfer fee
    - Ting plan (I hope not)

    If I had to pay all that, I'd already be at or over my previous provider's ANNUAL cost for this ONE incident. If I had known earlier and transferred while it's still at FreedomPop, I'd save the Ting portion and the number transfer fee, since the number would still be FreedomPop's. That'd be 3/4 of the cost that I'm looking at now.
    I don't mind the support service fee much (I haven't paid for a good while, and support people have to eat), but not all of us have lots of extra cash to burn, or the time to get the old number back into a usable state that doesn't cost a small fortune [at our financial tier, that is].

    While bumping the phone automatically to another CDMA network is a good idea for people who want to keep their phones who can afford paying at a certain level, it certainly was a horrible assumption because
    (1) the new provider had no equivalent lowest service tier (not even close)
    (2) my original phone isn't even fully functional (I had to install the messaging app on another phone [a GSM one, at that] and manually log in); but at least I get a working phone while I'm at home or at an airport with WiFi when I have to call to find out where to meet
    (3) some crazy people (e.g. me) decided to take advantage of the VoIP aspect

    If I go with Ting, I'd be a bit sad that I'd be losing the VoIP part. Hope the FreedomPop GSM variant would keep it forever, or at least as an option. If not, I'd be losing some functionality (like dynamic call-blocking patterns [block all calls from the same exchange as mine that robo-callers like to spoof]) that Kamailio on my router added.

    Though I'm guessing some at FreedomPop realize that some people had just about it with the messaging app:
    - Traveling internationally with a new SIM card? Uninstall the messaging app or no calls with that card for you!
    - Apps that hook into the native dailing system are unaware of FreedomPop calls
    -- e.g. Current Caller ID
    -- it used to be aware when the Messaging App was still based on CSipSimple, or at least when I was still using an old HTC Evo 4G that had Android Gingerbread on it
    - Do Not Disturb on Android? What's that? I'll loudly ring you anyway and refuse to quiet down unless you jump through a hoop blindfolded while whistling The Star-Spangled Banner backwards.
    -- robo-callers would immediately try again to dial back [10 times, at that] if you do hit ignore call
    --- it rings again within 3 seconds? Now I know for sure to ignore you, you fastest finger on the redial button on Earth!
    -- hitting volume-down to silence it activates Do Not Disturb on Android [at least on Oreo], but doesn't actually decrease the volume; navigating to the volume controls would take too long; it's just that moment when you realize you can't pop-out the battery, can't jam or block the signal, are too confused or panicked to navigate to volume controls, triggering forced shut-off takes 15 seconds, and want to smash the phone on the nearest hard surface
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    Because of the slow response FreedomPop, and the short deadline for porting without signing up, I gave up trying to port back directly to FreedomPop. Got a message here saying that I can port "back" to RedPocket... not quite the same.

    The signup changes the porting information, changing the account number from just the phone number to an actual Ting account, along with the PIN. Setting up the account, however, doesn't seem to (it doesn't seem to sign up for a plan unless you choose the plan from the migration page).
    I signed up for the free-for-first-month $20 plan, and closed the account on 8/12 (yeowza, the new provider I'm with is FAST; added the line on a weekend, ported the next business day!). Got a mail few days ago from Ting saying they charged me a bit over $3 for FCC Regulatory Fee (Wireless) and Public Safety Communications Surcharge.

    As for that new SIM I got... got charged $20 for top-up in order to downgrade to free basic, and a $7 charge to enable the service to turn off top-up. Doing it now in case it goes up again. Pretty much the same as the activation fee I had to pay for the new provider. However, it's going to sit in my drawer as I don't need it.

    I doubt this will help anybody given how fast Ting was trying to move.
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    LOL. It either doesn't post, or it double-posts.
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