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Q1: does activating the international replace/deactivate the current US plan i'm on?
Q2: "My Device" shows "LTE SIM Kit 3-in-1" … my phone is a Samsung Note3 (has GSM): will the current SIM work in Europe?
Q3: is the international plan billing cycle date based on day I activate it or does it sync w/ my US plan (~28th of each month)?
Q4: how long does activation take so I can plan to have it active the day I land in-country?
Q5: are there any activation or add-on regulatory/recovery fees to expect with the international plan?



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    @teh cheng
    Q1 - no
    Q2 - only on WiFi connections. No Mobile data access beyond the USA borders.
    Q3 - same cycle as the USA plan. Everything cycles on the same cycle. Many of the 'services' charge at signup and again at cycle. Best to sign up at least 20-25 days before the end of a cycle.
    Q4 - If all is working well about 5 min or less. Best to wait for the dust to settle out before signing up there have been long non working periods on the international. This works to allow you to dial numbers in about 50 countries. You can connect to Mobile data or WiFi and dial any USA number or any of the international countries they support . Some are landlines only and others are both landlines and mobiles. For example you can be in a store in Germany connected to their WiFi and if that store allows VoIP over their system, then you can make a call to Germany or any of the numbers supported above. If Germans want to call your USA number, it is an international call. Even if you are only two blocks from their house.
    Q5 - I am unaware of any at this time. (no one has complained either, yet)
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