Top-up Credit Balance Refund

jajajaja Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I have to cancel my FreedomPop account because there's no free plan offered by Ting. I still have $20 top-up balance remaining on my account and I just came across another post where the support staff said it's not possible to refund according to the terms: .

I understand it mentions that prepaid balance is not refundable if I cancel my account but that only applies to "voluntary termination of the Services", but this transferring to Ting hasn't so far offered a corresponding free plan that was advertised by FreedomPop and this is the reason I am forced to cancel my FreedomPop account.

I haven't cancelled my account yet seeing the troubling staff response. Please explain how my balance will be processed. I don't want to continue using Ting instead; I don't need refunds on my 2 purchased hotspots as they are my lessons learned. Now just the $20 balance.
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