FreedomPop App on multiple devices

bdt3bdt3 Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
So I got a GSM SIM, and put it in one device. FreedomPop service worked fine. Took Sim out and installed it in second device, restarting first device with no Sim. Incoming calls proceeded to ring on both phones. Turns out I didn't log out of the app on the first phone, and it stayed connected via WiFi.

Is this available as standard practice? Or would it only cause problems if used ongoing? I'd love to have my FreedomPop number ring on a wifi-only device in addition to the phone with the Sim/cell service, by being logged into the app on multiple devices.

Again, this question is limited to just the FreedomPop App and calling thru the App, not the cell data service using the Sim.
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