How does "Auto Top Up" work?

btewinklebtewinkle Posts: 7FreedomPop Newbie
I had Freedompop Sprint service until recently. Now I'm looking at getting GSM/AT&T service. My previous account was set up before there were any required Top Up charges, so my balance was always zero, and I never used all my data anyways. But now I'll need to pay $20 to downgrade my new GSM Sim to the free plan.

However, I've read that top up credit "expires" after 30 days. Does this mean that after 30 days, I'll be charged another top up fee to pro-actively restore an account balance? Or does a "top up" only occur when you actually exceed your plan limits with no account balance? I have no problem fronting the $20 one time, and will take the risk of exceeding the plan data and being charged accordingly, but I do not want to have to keep paying to recharge my account every time it goes to zero when the existing credit "expires".

(yes, I know I can "restore" credit after it's expired, but do not want to have to keep doing that every 30 days to prevent being charged more.)

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