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hello, I just ordered the 3 in 1 kit. what i am interested in is to use the mobile hotspot only, no phone calls, just connecting my cell phone, tablet to the hotspot to get online where my boost mobile coverage is bad. question is what am i getting in the kit? Is it just a sim card? if so where and how do I get a compatible hotspot device? thanks in advance.


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    @kcheng - I'm not sure it will work in a hot spot. You need an unlocked GSM hot spot. Former on either AT&T or T-Mobile networks. Suggest one released less than 5 years ago or less. You would check the user guide on how to edit the APN and save it. Need APN value = all other fields can be default or blank. Save to a name you will recognize.

    I've tried to use the Voice, Text, data SIMs that are mostly sold now days and was not able to get it to work in my Netgear Unite. This is the most recent AT&T device sold by FreedomPop. It comes with a data only SIM when it is delivered. That SIM works great ! The VTD SIM did not work for me despite my efforts to make it so for 4-5 hours of trying and retrying.

    I have not noticed any data-only SIMs being sold in the last year, though.
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