Need to change my service, and calls to support only go to automated (and support website isn't work

jhines97jhines97 Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
I purchased 5 lte sims for use by myself and some freelance workers I am using. I downgraded all of the accounts to free accounts ($20 in my top up account) and paid the $6.99 charge to be able to disable the auto top up. Three of the hotspots won't work as they are often not in AT&T coverage. Can I cancel ZTE 2, ZTE 3, and ZTE 4 (509-972-6356, 509-972-6573, 509-972-6185) service lines and do the $50 annual 1 GB plan for my Netgear (509-972-6192) service line? I would be more than happy to transfer the $20 credits from the canceled lines to the Netgear line to pay the $50 annual plan and have a $30 top up balance. I have the Premium VIP service on 509-972-6192. Thanks.
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