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Has a Number broken my transfer to Ting?

snovacki3snovacki3 Posts: 17FreedomPop Newbie
Per the customer service rep I waited almost half an hour for, Ting can't take my service because of a phone-number conflict between Sprint and Freedom Pop.

My cell # is 571-775-5991. I can place calls, receive calls, and send and receive texts until recently (see below). I've tried to use the ting.com/freedompop webpage to complete the number transfer, but the web site was always 'busy' or otherwise unable to complete the transfer. I have since received an email saying that my 5991-number has been suspected.

Speaking with the CSR, the info that Ting received from Freedom Pop says that there is a second, Primary-type number on my phone, 703-864-2023, a number I don't recognize. Because of that my 5991 number is suspended and the Ting CSR said she could only transfer the 2023 number to a Ting account, that Spring/Fpop won't allow the 5991 number to switch. Even worse, there's some kind of deadline in a few days that might cause my 5991 number to get recycled. I most certainly don't want that.

how can I resolve this cell-phone number conflict so that I can keep using my 5991 number?

Many thanks in advance for your help.


  • snovacki3snovacki3 Posts: 17FreedomPop Newbie
    what the heck is a "non-portable administrative number" and why would Freedom Pop give me one?
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