Error 67 No Wifi vs. Wifi (Bar is Great)

QReeseQReese Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie

I had connection since a while but has been acting weird since June 2019. No worries...I did some work and research and it was back online.

Then. It was good in July (no problems). August comes and great for the first week until two days ago (more troubleshooting). It worked.

August 10, it stopped working completely. It reads as 4G connected by Samsung's user profile undersettings and did get an Error 67 code but was able to get around that.

The bars are great when I am on WiFi but if I take it off there is a bar with the exclamation mark.

May you please fix the error on your end. I help the community and need a reliable connection when on the road.

I am a loyal customer but when kids' lives are on the line, I may as well take my business and loyalty elsewhere but will give you guys another shot. We can do this! ( =

Can be provided

Also, please move the S5 account registered under my name, Quyloon Reese, under this email account I am registered too. Thanks.
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