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moving to Ting assistance needed

c9870c9870 Posts: 12FreedomPop Newbie
OK so i have my LG G7 (attached to my [email protected] account) how do i deactivate the phone from freedom pop to get it to be usable on ting.
i have complete the Phone number swap over to ting which i thought that would process the phone with it.

this phone was successfully activate on FP in Febuary and now wanting to move over to Ting as FP has stopped supporting the device.

what i have received from Ting support trying to assist with getting my phone activated with them.

When trying to activate your Ting #636-271-5929 on the LG G7 device (MEID 354991090484918), we are still getting the message that the device is active elsewhere (please see details attached). I am wondering if you can contact your carrier to confirm if the device is still active on their end.
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