Billing issue???

TomGonzTomGonz Posts: 2FreedomPop Newbie
I am trying to setup a new SIM card I just bought. I have followed the Activation process and have a new phone number assigned to my account. I have followed the APN profile process to update he APN on my iPhone. My account says there is a Billing Error and to update my credit card. I have done so several times. Every time I do, the "$20" temporary charge shows up on my credit card account. So I know the card is working, but my FreedomPop account still says it needs the credit card updated. And because of this the account is suspended and does not work.

Also, I have a SIM already, but it looks like you guys are trying to send me another SIM. Not sure I understand this.

This was suppose to be a test to see how you guys worked, and if I wanted to move my service to FreedomPop.

Can anyone in Support help me?

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