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I've been trying for months to activate my Sprint OverDrive Pro, I know it works with FreedomPop's CDMA network as they are a Sprint MVNO. I have been trying to contact FP in every way but life has been busy and I haven't had time to post here. I just want to activate my OverDrive Pro on the basic free plan. Please help!

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  • Logan DefoeLogan Defoe Posts: 5FreedomPop Newbie

    @Logan Defoe - If your OverDrive is TRULY a CDMA and NOT a WiMax device then you can try either at ting.com or Red Pocket. All the CDMA accounts were sold off to ting
    However Red Pocket is offering an enticement to attract ex FreedomPop'ers to them with a plan similar to the free one for $2.99/mo. ting has a couple of special offers that end in Dec. Then normal rates. Min cost in Jan would be $9/mo
    I'm not sure if either are taking on devices that do not have accounts with FreedomPop, yet or not.

    Thank you so much for your help. Do you know if these other brands will be adopting any of FP's free plans? Also, Ting tells me that the OverDrive pro is incompatible but Red Pocket accepts the ESN. I am a current FP GSM customer so I think I should be able to get the discounted rates. When did this acquisition happen? I tried to sign up for FP with this device in January and was unable to then too. You also mentioned that my device is entirely CDMA and no WiMAX but it is 3G/4G and has a MAC address for WiMAX. Thank you again for your help!
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    @Logan Defoe - Then if yours is a WiMax then Red Pocket will fail also. In 2016 the last of the WiMax transmitters were removed from the cellular towers and apparently sold off to one country that added WiMax. No, I can't remember which country that was. If it supported both 3G and WiMax, you might get it to work on the 3G, but likely will be disappointed in the speeds you get if any decent connection.

    Oh, I see you mentioned 3G/4G, so speeds may be worth bothering to try it for a month and see if it suits you or not.
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