Dormant Account, logged in, account still deactivated but now debit charged$8.30, =+$36 next month

StevenVanKStevenVanK Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
I didn't even reactivate my account I was just looking the prices.

It even says: Alert: You've been gone awhile, and your device has gone dormant due to non-usage. To wake it up, Please click here. Reactivate Account.

Now I see in billing for todays date:

8/13/19 8:27 AM 145885555 Premium LTE 1GB Unlimited Semi-Annual US$6.47
8/13/19 8:24 AM 145885532 FreedomPop MMS and Group Messaging Semi-Annual US$1.80

AND Next Payment Amount US$35.94

I need those charges refunded, and no future charge scheduled.

Thank you

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