Target 1 year unlimited talk and text and 1gb data - no LTE service

kenfkenf Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
I bought the above SIM at Target. I went through all the FAQs. Carrier reset the phone. Made sure the apn being used is I activated the Sim at All went well. I see I am connected to AT&T but there is no data. When the FreedomPop app starts, it eventually complains there is no data connection. If I put it on wifi, the app lists my number and all the service information looks ok. Turn off WiFi and no data again. Suspect there is a provisioning issue on FreedomPops side.

It certainly does not appear I am alone on this. I see others complaining about similar issues. Do I just need to return this sim to Target?


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    @kenf - no Mobile Data is a critical problem right now. Verify one more time that the APN was created and SAVED. Be sure that saved copy still has a good value of in it. Finally be sure it is the selected APN being used.
    Last is restart the phone with WiFi OFF and Mobile Data ON.
    Open a browser and search the internet for anything. Results -->Mobile Data IS working. "No network connections found" is error when it is not connecting up to FreedomPop via Mobile Data.
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  • kenfkenf Posts: 3FreedomPop Newbie
    Lots of experience with phones here. Did all that you recommended and more before I sent question. Fixed it by returning the SIM package to Target and getting my money back.
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    kenf, FP is toast. Get a refund -- while you can...
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