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Looking for as close to free as possible internet. I see that Freedompop hotspots use Sprint. I already tried a Sprint CoolPad and had to return it because I am evidently in a weak signal zone and the company I bought it from could not get the Magic Box booster. I see some of those on ebay. Would they work with FP or other equipment? If so which devices? I am somewhat overwhelmed by trying to ferrit out the plan I need. Where would i look? If I understand all this correctly I do not want to receive broadband, just wifi. Some device that has a jack for a roof antenna would seem to be the right choice if it exists for less than $100. (Even that is more than I can afford really.) Any help for a newbie, beginner would be much appreciated.


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    @dottier - FreedomPop no longer supports the Sprint network. They sold off all the accounts to ting this summer. Ting's rates are not that close to zero.
    Might try red Pocket. They are inviting the FP homeless to them at https://www.redpocket/fp They have a $3 special for 200 each. min, text, MB.

    If your Sprint signal is weak, best to check the other networks. How is AT&T in your area ? There is one hot spot they were selling that uses AT&T (Netgear Unite) It was out of stock last week, may still be.
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