Unable to get Freedom Pop paid 500 mb plan to work with wifi device.

mjbeebsmjbeebs Posts: 4FreedomPop Newbie
Help! Have a NetGear wifi hot spot. Had the free 500mb plan which is switching to Ting. I did sign up for the freedom pop paid plan and was charged $6.99 for the month. I was unable to log on with it. Netgear device says unable to log on showing "LTE-ESM-29 EMM-19". I then went ahead and down graded to free plan again as paid plan was not working. Alas, was charged $20 top up fee for this. Freedom Pop, I still have an account. I would like it to work. But I cannot even put in a ticket to have you look at it, your website will not let me. Please advise how to proceed. I don't want to sign up for the paid plan again as was just charged, plus $20 top up fee. Thank you.
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