1 SIM used up all data for the month but 2nd SIM is also deactivated - Please help

BillBhaBillBha Posts: 6FreedomPop Newbie

Our account has two SIM cards. One of those SIMs has used up all data for the period. When I log into our account on my.freedompop.com, I get the following "Alert: You have used all of your data for this period. Click here to upgrade plan or click here to enable auto top-up or wait until next billing cycle." This is quite normal.

The other SIM which is totally unused for the period does not get this alert, which is how it should be. Yet the SIM doesn't work in the phone. It appears both SIM cards or rather the entire account has been deactivated rather than just the SIM which used up all its data.

How can I get this fixed? Please help.

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