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My dialer disappeared!

Hey I went to make a phone call and my dialer is gone! In messaging all I have access to is text messaging. I can compose a text and bring up all my contacts and even call them but I can't bring up the dialer because its not there. Also, the one in the middle, contacts is gone. Any idea were they went and how I can get them back?


  • @Tobias Sinclair‌ Sorry to hear that, Tobias! Please try uninstalling and reinstalling the FreedomPop Messenger app. This sometimes helps with problems like this, thanks!
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,376 admin
    @Tobias Sinclair‌ Hey Tobias, we are looking into fixing this bug ASAP! Sorry about this :)
  • Richard AllenRichard Allen Posts: 644FreedomPop Newbie, FreedomPop Expert, Porting Master ✭✭✭✭
    @Jorge M I do not think what Tobias Sinclair is describing above is a bug. If you check the version revision descriptions you will find that on version 23 FP removed the phone and contacts tab stating they were redundant. FP need to do a better job of communicating these type of changes to help avoid confusion by their members.

    What's New
    Version 24 (
    - Improved methods of managing the phone's microphone
    - Fixed User Interface crash
    Version 23(
    - Voice quality improvement
    - Removed in-app Dialer page and Contact page. Those functions are redundant with native applications.
    - Minor bug fixes
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