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Freedom Hub Burst Overage Limits?

Peter HamraPeter Hamra Posts: 0FreedomPop Newbie
I bought a Freedom Hub Burst with the Fastest 10GB plan for my college student daughter. In her first day she burned through 6GB with streaming Netflix & YouTube. She needed a reminder that this internet solution can't support use for entertainment/video. It's for school work only! She understands that better now, but we are still concerned that 10GBs isn't enough. I understand that overage is $7/GB. My question is how many GBs over can I pay for each month? Somewhere I read that FreedomPop will only "top up" 3 times, but I that appeared applicable to the mobile phone plans. Can I buy virtually unlimited amounts of data on this service?


  • @Peter Hamra‌ Thanks for your message! In order to protect our users from incurring too many charges, we have limited top-ups to 5 per data cycle. If a larger data plan is available, a user will need to upgrade to continue service for the period.

    To make use of Top Ups you have the Automatic Top-Up Feature enabled. To disable/enable Automatic Top-Up, go to the Billing Settings Page to review your account settings.

    Because it doesn't make sense to charge your payment method repeatedly with multiple charges of less than a dollar, we deduct $10 from your primary payment method, credit your FreedomPop account with $10 and deduct the charges associated with the additional data used from this credit. So your account is not being topped-up, you are paying for additional data used. Since you have credit in your FreedomPop account greater than $2, your account will not be suspended and you can continue to use our services.
  • For our Hub Burst device, our home data plans begin with the FREE 1GB/month and we offer various tiers of paid plans. Our plans are structured as follows:
    Free 1GB/month - Additional Data: $10 per GB
    Basic 5GB at 1.5mbps- Additional Data: $7 per GB
    Faster 5GB at 6mbps- Additional Data: $7 per GB
    Fastest 10GB at 8mbps- Additional Data: $7 per GB

    So your daughter potentially is working with about 15 GBs a month (10Gb plan and 5 top-ups).

    Thanks again for your post and have a great day!
  • JAY SANCHEZJAY SANCHEZ Posts: 410FreedomPop Master, FreedomPop Expert ✭✭✭
    @Jasmine S.‌ And this is why I suggest that you add a new 15-25 Gb data plan for the Hub.
  • @JAY SANCHEZ‌ So sorry for the late response and we really appreciate that feedback. Larger data plans are definitely a topic of discussion here at FreedomPop. Moreover, right now there's a lot of things taking place behind the scenes to improve customer satisfaction in all areas. We do want to make all of our customers happy and we hope that you trust that we are working hard to make things better.

    Any future announcements regarding data plans will definitely be made known on here as well as our social media platforms.
  • don wilberdon wilber Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I feel that now i have the best plan you offer and the date limit is to low plus to get more date I have to fill out adds that are FULL of adware and i do not need that bull shit on my laptop and are you bill me or taking date to fill these thing out?
  • Hello @don wilber‌ I apologize, but I do not quite understand your question. Are you asking about billing or receiving free data? If you can clarify for me I will be happy to assist you. Thanks!
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