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Cannot end calls, no ringtone

Just got my phone Galaxy Victory. I can make & receive calls and as long as I touch no buttons, I see the big red END button to terminate the call. But if press any other button like the home button, no matter what, I cannot get back to current call page with the END button. If I press the native dialer, I get the keypad, but no end button.
Even if the other party terminates the call, my phone keeps going and the website shows the minutes counting down. If I try to call in again, it goes straight to VM. If I enter some numbers on native dialer and press send, it gives error message stating the line is already in use. So only way to end the call is to reboot.
I see many references to resets in help forum so did that. I could not do the MSL based reset since no MSL on phone or my MyDevice page on website. And the FP Messaging app was upgraded to latest, the old app was shutdown and the new app restarted.

I did open a support case today and got message that I would get a response in 24-48 hours. But since I also just got access to forum, I thought I should check.

Another quirk with my device is that the ringer has no sound. Checked all settings and ring volume. But does not ring.
Also the speaker phone option does not seem to work or it puts the phone on mute. Maybe I just have a bad device.


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