Still have not received a MSL code to reset my BYOD phone

Rafael LeyvaRafael Leyva Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
Hello everyone,

I paid the $20 phone activation fee over three days ago and chose a phone number. The instructions to reset the phone say I need to enter the MSL code which would be sent to my email. I STILL have not received any email in regards to this. I tried contacting an admin here on the forums with no response AND I called Freedompop support in which I was put on hold for over half an hour with no response. I also checked under My Account -> Devices to see if the MSL code is there, but no luck. My phone isn't even showing up in my account any more. It's been over three days and I have received no help at all.

Is there any one here that can help me with this? It would be very much appreciated. Thank you


  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,387 admin
    @Rafael Leyva‌ Hey Rafael, what is the issue you are currently experiencing?
  • Rafael LeyvaRafael Leyva Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie

    The problem I am having is that I have not received a MSL code to reset my phone as stated in the first part of these instructions:

    How do I use my existing Android phone once I've activated it?

    1. Reset your device

    Power up the phone and dial the following: ##786#
    Select the "reset" option and enter your MSL, which we will send you in an email
    Once your device reboots, it will automatically get an internet connection via the FreedomPop network.

    NOTE: All of your custom settings will be reset to your phone's default settings during this process!

    2. Download and install app for FreedomPop Talk and Text

    From your device, launch the Google Play app, and search for "FreedomPop Messaging", or access the link, FreedomPop Messaging.
    Once you have located FreedomPop Messaging app, click the install button.

    3. Configure FreedomPop Talk and Text

    Upon install of the FreedomPop Message app, open it directly from Google Play or by located and pressing the app icon. Enter the email address tied to your FreedomPop account.

    NOTE: Talk will work immediately, and Text will require 24-48 hours to work.
    I made a payment four days ago for my unlimited plan and the activation fee of my device. Here's my transaction number 8409160.

    Please help me get the MSL code. Thank you
  • Jorge Jorge Posts: 3,387 admin
    @Rafael Leyva‌ Rafael, could you please PM more your account email associated with the phone you are trying to activate, thanks :)
  • Rafael LeyvaRafael Leyva Posts: 1FreedomPop Newbie
    I sent a PM
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