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Problem with Samsung Galaxy

Initial note, this is not a BYOD. This was purchased from FreedomPop and delivered today.

So, the phone goes through the initial Samsung and FreedomPop splash screen. The "Android is booting up..." progress bar appears. The progress bar only fills to roughly 30% but I'm guessing this is more to do with boot speed than a bad boot. Next, I see a message "Android is upgrading | Starting apps" and finally "Unfortunately, Application installer has stopped."

I cannot continue beyond this. Selecting OK only prompts the error again. I cannot seem to access the OS in any fashion. I've rebooted several times and removed the battery for several minutes to no avail.

On occasion it gets far enough to attempt WiFi connection, but ultimately the error message (if not the same, then very similar) appears and borks everything up.

Any help or advice?

Thank you

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